Month: May 2018

3D Printing

3D printing is a very cool technology to use. There are many ways it can be beneficial in a secondary social studies classroom. One way is that a teacher can design a 3D model of a historical artifact to give students a more hands-on and interactive experience with a topic. Seeing a model of something related to the topic being… Read more →

Green Screen Movie

The Green screen technology is very cool and can be used by both teachers and students. As a teacher, I can create different movies for my students for a variety of reasons. If I know ahead of time that I will be out of class on a certain day and I have a more complex subject to go over with my students that day. I can record myself discussing the topic using the green screen and have visual displays behind me. An example is the green screen clip that I completed. I discuss appeasement and my background slide is a screenshot of a powerpoint slide with Neville Chamberlain who is well known for appeasement, and a political cartoon representing appeasement. I can do similar clips on other topics. A green screen movie can also be given to students as a group project for them to complete.


Getting the materials needed to film a green screen movie is not too hard. You can buy a green screen off of amazon for a cheap as $30. A tripod would also be good, but not essential. The same goes for a video camera, but most people could just use their phones to record. The last item necessary would be video editing software. This would be a little harder because it would depend on the types of computers available in the school. If there are Mac’s then all that would be needed would be iMovie. I don’t know the software what windows use, but probably quick player. Overall, Green screens movies and easy to record and create and do not break the bank in terms of cost.


Google Earth Tour

Google Earth Tours is a great instructional technology for social studies classes. It can be used for any history of geography class. I did one discussing the Battle of Britain that took place in the fall of 1940. I did a voice over of my tour and was able to zoom in on Britain as a whole, and then London… Read more →

Smart Notebook

The Smart Notebook is a very useful instructional technology. I would use it in any secondary social studies classroom as a means of interactive instruction and review instead of a traditional lecture with powerpoint slides. The smart notebook I designed was for a review of the origins of the Second World War. The review I created has different means of interaction… Read more →