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Link: iCivics is a website that provides free educational resources for both teachers and students about civics. The goal of the website is to give students a more engaging way to learn about civics because there is a link between civic knowledge and civic engagement, and students are lacking in the knowledge department. Learning about government is not always fun,… Read more →

The National WWII Museum: Student & Teachers

Link: The National WWII Museum website as a section for students and teachers to explore the museum. These resources help both students and educators explore World War Two. It provides documents, classroom resources, distance learning, professional development, and stem resources. The distance learning is the most interactive part, as it provides virtual field trips and electronic exhibits from the museum,… Read more →

British National Archives: Education – Home Front

Website Link: The British National Archives is the online collection of the national archives for the United Kingdom. On their website, they have created a section for educators and students. This section of the website takes the online document collections and creates interactive activities, lessons, professional development, and more.   This website is a good because of the content it offers.… Read more →

PBS Learning Media: Interactive Human Migration Map

Web Link:   PBS learning media has many different interactive activities. It provides online activities for students of all ages and all subjects. I searched for social studies for grades 6-12, which is my endorsement area. They have primary source document sets, interactive timelines, interactive maps, and much more! The specific activity I am looking at is their interactive human… Read more →