3D Printing

3D printing is a very cool technology to use. There are many ways it can be beneficial in a secondary social studies classroom. One way is that a teacher can design a 3D model of a historical artifact to give students a more hands-on and interactive experience with a topic. Seeing a model of something related to the topic being discussed in class would give students a better idea of the time period and what it was like. The model I created is a military fort that was very popular in medieval times. Students can also create 3D models as a project for the class to show their understanding of the time period and the items that were available at that time.


3D printing is a more expensive technology to use. First, the correct software is needed, there are some free ones available online to use, but others that download to the computer hard drive are expensive. After the model is created on a design software, Print Studio is needed to convert the model into a printable object. Then the printer itself is needed. This is the most expensive part, and not all schools will have them. They would most likely be located in the engineering classroom. If a school doesn’t have one, a grant could be used to purchase one.


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