Google Earth Tour

Google Earth Tours is a great instructional technology for social studies classes. It can be used for any history of geography class. I did one discussing the Battle of Britain that took place in the fall of 1940. I did a voice over of my tour and was able to zoom in on Britain as a whole, and then London specifically. After discussing the battle, I was able to layover an image over the London area to show how many bombs were dropped during the battle. I could give this to a substitute to play in class on a day that I am not there, or play it myself. I could also send the file to students and have them watch it for homework. In addition, I could give a google earth tour as a project to the students. An example would be in a geography class. I could give students a country, and have them create a tour of the country to present in class.


Google earth is a very easy software to get. Most school computers have the software downloaded on them, but if not it is easy to download online and it is free! All that is needed is to google “google earth download” and from there, pick either the download for a PC or Mac, depending on the computer. After the download is complete, teachers can go on and see the different tutorials it has to show them how to use the new software. It is an easy to use and easy to access technology that is greatly beneficial to the secondary social studies classroom.


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