Smart Notebook

The Smart Notebook is a very useful instructional technology. I would use it in any secondary social studies classroom as a means of interactive instruction and review instead of a traditional lecture with powerpoint slides. The smart notebook I designed was for a review of the origins of the Second World War. The review I created has different means of interaction and games. The activists that I created through the activity builder will check the answers of the students immediately for the correct responses and will reject an incorrect response. This is good for things like a timeline where if one thing is out of place then the whole thing is wrong. What is also nice about the smart notebook technology is that I can reset it after each class so that none of the answers are up for the next group of students to see before they get a chance to complete the activity themselves.


Many schools have access to the smart notebook technology, so I most likely wouldn’t have to pay for it out of pocket. It would be $129 for a one-year subscription, which is not too bad. The technology like the displays that go with it is more expensive. If I could not get access to a smartboard for my classroom and just had a projector, I could use the feature on the smart notebook where the students can connect using their devices, or just use my own computer screen to answer the different interactive activities. While the smartboard itself is great and very useful, it is not always available due to its cost, but there are still ways to use the software without it.

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