British National Archives: Education – Home Front

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The British National Archives is the online collection of the national archives for the United Kingdom. On their website, they have created a section for educators and students. This section of the website takes the online document collections and creates interactive activities, lessons, professional development, and more.


This website is a good because of the content it offers. There is one activity on the Home Front in the Second World War that is a virtual lesson complete with background information, timelines, interactive activities, and games at the end to test student knowledge. The games are a fun and interactive way to test student knowledge. They also have many primary source activities, which is great for secondary social studies, as primary source analysis is a skill that students need to learn and practice. I would use the Home Front topic in a world history class and have the students explore the link at home after the first day of the World War two unit as homework. They would play on the site for 30-60 minutes, write a short paragraph on what they did, and then for the warm-up the next day they would discuss in small groups what they did. It would be a fun way to introduce the topic to students.

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