Link: https://www.icivics.org

iCivics is a website that provides free educational resources for both teachers and students about civics. The goal of the website is to give students a more engaging way to learn about civics because there is a link between civic knowledge and civic engagement, and students are lacking in the knowledge department. Learning about government is not always fun, as it is a large content area that is not too exciting for most students. iCivics is trying to change that by creating games that students can play to learn about civics and government. The games allow students to experience how government and the justice system work directly in a virtual setting so they can have experiential learning.


This is a good online resource for a number of reasons. First, it is free. Any student or teacher can access this website at any time free of charge. Second, it provides fun and engaging games for students to play that students enjoy playing. Third, it provides teachers with detailed instruction on how to use the resources it provides in the classroom, from lesson plans to full units. This is something that I would use in a US/VA Government class. They have games for every part of government, and I would assign the game as homework after finishing a unit, and then the next have students debrief by discussing their experiences playing the game in groups.

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