Mission US: An interactive Way to Learn History

Link: http://www.mission-us.org

Mission US was developed for secondary US History classes 6-12 grade. It provides games for students play on a variety of topics in US History. they mainly focus on important events that had a large impact on society. It has 5 games in total: Mission 1- For Colony or Crown; Mission 2 – Fight to Freedom; Mission 3 – A Cheyenne Oddessy; Mission 4 – City of Immigrants; and Mission 5 – Up from the Dust. The historical content in the games are aligned with national standards and document-based activities.

This is a good resource because it provides students with an interactive and engaging learning experience for US History. The site also provides teachers with educators guides on how to use the games in the classroom. This is important because for the game to be effective, the teacher has to use it in the correct manner. This is something that I would use at the beginning of a unit for a US History class to give students a fun an exciting introduction into the topic we would be learning about, and then debrief them on it the next day. It would be a good way to start new topics and get students excited to learn more.

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