PBS Learning Media: Interactive Human Migration Map

Web Link: https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/interactive-human-migration-map/interactive-map/#.WrO2JWbMxsM


PBS learning media has many different interactive activities. It provides online activities for students of all ages and all subjects. I searched for social studies for grades 6-12, which is my endorsement area. They have primary source document sets, interactive timelines, interactive maps, and much more! The specific activity I am looking at is their interactive human migration map. This map shows the history of human migration from the beginning.



This is a good website because it provides a large variety of different activities for students to interact with. It provides both detailed instructions for the students who will complete the activities and teaching guides for educators to help them explain the lesson and incorporate the activities into their lesson plans and units. Online activities are good, but only if they can be incorporated into the classroom properly. The website is also a good resource because of the wide variety of content they have. They do not just cover history but the entire field of social studies for all grade levels. The website is very user-friendly and makes it very easy for teachers to find what they need for their class. This map is something I would use in an ancient history or world history class because early human migration is a topic that is discussed. It would most likely be used as an introduction on the first day of the unit, or homework for the first day to give students an interactive introduction to the topic.

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