The National WWII Museum: Student & Teachers


The National WWII Museum website as a section for students and teachers to explore the museum. These resources help both students and educators explore World War Two. It provides documents, classroom resources, distance learning, professional development, and stem resources. The distance learning is the most interactive part, as it provides virtual field trips and electronic exhibits from the museum, webinars, and skyping into classrooms. For students, it provides digital learning projects and research starters where they can view documents and read or listen to first-hand accounts of the war.



This website is a good website because of the content it offers. The National WWII Museum is located in New Orleans, Louisana. If I am teaching US History in Virginia, a field to New Orleans to visit a museum would not be possible. The Virtual field trip would allow my students to get the chance to explore the museum and have a more engaging learning experience about the Second World War then if I just taught them through lectures and power points. The electronic exhibits do the same thing. It offers a more engaging learning experience for students, but on a specific topic within the war. The museum provides guides for educators as well on how to incorporate the electronic field trip into the classroom. I would use this for a US History class during the world war two unit. I would show the site to the students so they would have a resource to use for research and do the electronic exhibit depending on the topic.


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